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The Benefits of Pilates

In everyday life we tend to dissipate our power. Insecurities and feelings of limitation are stumbling blocks to the advancement of our being and spirit. Learning to harness your mental and physical power can improve the quality of life. Such is the power of the human mind that it can either restrict or set you free, oblivious to any limitations. Through intellectualising the Pilates movements, you can achieve mental clarity, making the exercises more productive. The first step to intellectualising movement is through sensory feedback and ‘feeling the movement’. This accurately engages the body through the mind before you move, allowing you to exercise with accurate, uninhibited movements.

After an injury or operation, the muscles go into protective mode, guarding the injured or painful area of the body. Many months, even years, after healing has taken place, the muscles may still be tense and weak in what was the injured area. Pain switches off the nerve fibre that connects with the muscle in the injured area. Unless retrained, the injured muscle will remain weak indefinitely. This can create an imbalance of the muscles, resulting in muscle compensation, which, in turn, places greater strain on other muscles.

Sometimes, the mind believes the body is unable to return to its pre-injury state and treats the post-injury or operation area as a 'no go' area. By gradually correcting the imbalance through Pilates, the mind will more confidently accept that it is safe to exercise what was once an injured.

Our everyday lives can be noisy, rushed and cluttered - a recipe for stress, possibly even psychosomatic aches and pains. A Pilates session provides 'time out', when you take your mind inside your body, concentrating on the exercises with control, co-ordination, alignment, balance and stabilization.

Centering yourself in this way requires intense concentration. To achieve physical control and co-ordination, thoughts must control actions. With controlled and continuous breathing, a sense of calm is experienced.

The Pilates system is strongly underpinned by science. A single Pilates exercise or movement always includes correct postural alignment, breathing technique to engage the deeper abdominal muscles, stretching, strengthening, and accuracy of movement.




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