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PILATES is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates over 90 years ago. It is not merely another exercise fad, but a successful system that has been proved over time to achieve positive results. It is a fusion of Eastern and Western exercise in which you take control of your body, empha­sizing the working of all muscles in a balanced way while remaining acutely aware of the 'mind-body' connection.

Pilates strives for stress reduction, postural improvement, increased strength and flexibility, as well as improved tone, balance, co-ordination, circulation and overall fitness. The routine is not only for athletes, models, dancers and actors, but also for first ­time exercisers, people with back prob­lems and those in need of rehabilitative movement after injury.

The Pilates system of exercise targets not only the mobilizing muscles used in most exercise forms, but also the vital stabilizing muscles often neglected by other forms of exercise. A major attraction is that the exercises are varied rather than based on countless sets of repetitions.

Connecting the muscles with precision and control takes focused concentration, making the smallest movement extremely powerful and challenging.

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